Salt water pool

The salt water pool is between the lower level and upper level of the property. It has a beautiful view of the valley and the ocean and is centrally located to Los Cuartos, La Casa Redonda, and La Casa Chilam making it easy for all guests to enjoy. On clear evenings you can see Las Islas Marias from the pool.

What is a Salt Water pool?

A salt water pool isn't like ocean water, it's just another method for sanitizing the pool without the use of chlorine. So don't expect our beautiful salt water pool to taste like salt, just know it's much healthier than chlorinated pools.

What are the benefits of salt water pools?

Salt water pools are more gentle on your skin and bathing suits. You won't smell of chlorine after you take a dip. You'll also notice that the water is soft, not hard like chlorinated pools. 

The pool at Cerrito Encantado

All overnight guests have access to the salt water pool with pool towels. Before you take a dip we just ask that you rinse yourself with the outdoor shower so you don't track any unnecessary dirt or sand from the nearby beaches.

If you're the only guest on the property feel free to take a dip anytime of the day. Otherwise the pool hours are between 8am and 10pm. If you want go for a swim in the evenings, there are lights surrounding the pool and inside the pool so you can enjoy a swim in the evening. You can find the light switch on the left-side of the pool house, opposite of the door. 

What are the rules of the pool?

It's important to us that everyone stays safe while they're enjoying the salt water pool with spectacular views! We have a few rules so that everyone can continue to enjoy it!

  • Guest do not have access to the pool room as it houses important pool plumbing.
  • Food and glass are not allowed near or around the pool at any time.
  • There is no horseplay or running around the pool.
  • No diving! Maximum depth is 1.5 meters (5 feet). There is a staggered ledge to sit in the water on the side closest to the stairway.

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