Upper level

The upper level of Cerrito Encantado can be reached in one of three ways: from the entrance, taking the sloped walkway to the right; taking the stairs from the walkway in between the gazebo and La Casa Redonda, and from the stairs at the front of the property.

The upper level has almost all of the communal areas, including a yoga room, outdoor communal kitchen and bar with a wood fire stove and pizza oven. Plus an outdoor covered dining area, the yard, communal toilets, and Los Cuartos, the two story building with bedrooms for guests.

Los Cuartos

Los Cuartos is a two story building with three private bedrooms and one full bath on each floor. The second floor has a gorgeous view of the yard and also gets a nice breeze at night. 

Currently, there is a bedroom with two twin beds and one bedroom with one twin bed available on each floor.

Right now only four out of the six bedrooms are available to rent, but things are always changing here at Cerrito Encantado. If you want to receive updates when the other rooms are available, you can always join our Newsletter to get the latest information!

El Pasto

The Cerrito Encantado yard is surrounded by flowers, trees, and butterflies. When you walk along the right entrance from the front of the property, you will first come across the outdoor bathrooms where there are two unisex toilets. 

As you continue on you will see a yard with a lychee tree and star fruit tree amongst a variety of palm trees and a gorgeous olive tree.

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has a cooking area and a dining area. The dining area is bare when you arrive, but upon request we can make the foldable plastic tables and plastic chairs available for your use. Just let us know in advance! 

The cooking area has a wood fired stove that is perfect for cooking beans, tortillas, and more! You can also use the wood fired oven to make pizza and other delicious meals. If you don't know how to use the wood fired stove, but would like to, please let us know and we can show you. In this case, we kindly request that you leave a tip for our workers' efforts.

We also have a grill that you can use, please ask in advance so we can have it set it up for your arrival.

Meditation Room

There's also a beautiful meditation room with spectacular mountain views to the south of the property and town. It has a lovely yin yang rock symbol embedded into the floor. Bring your yoga mats and a speaker and enjoy peace and tranquility.

If you're ready to enjoy all of the beautiful and lush greenery at Cerrito Encantado we invite you to book one of our lovely accommodations. We can't wait to host you!

Bedrooms to Rent on the Upper Level