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Arriving in Altavista, Nayarit, Mexico, is a delightful journey that allows you to experience the beauty of the surrounding region. While Altavista is a small town, it is conveniently accessible from nearby major cities, making it an ideal destination for a tranquil getaway. Whether you are coming from Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, or Tepic, there are several transportation options available to reach this charming town nestled amidst lush vegetation and cultural treasures. So, let's explore the routes from these major cities and embark on a memorable journey to Altavista.

🛑 Parking (super Important)

When arriving at Cerrito Encantado, it's important to keep in mind some essential information to ensure a smooth and safe arrival. The road leading to Cerrito Encantado is best suited for high-clearance vehicles such as 4x4 or AWD. If you have one of these vehicles, you can confidently drive down the steep hill to the property.

However, for those with low-clearance vehicles, it is recommended to exercise caution. While it is still possible to reach Cerrito Encantado, it is advisable to park your vehicle on the main road to ensure its safety and avoid any potential damage to your car. Please ensure that your parking doesn't block the street or driveways.

To reach Cerrito Encantado once in Altavista, as you are entering the town, pass the hair salon on your left and make a u-turn where the road turns left. After the hair salon by the corner, you will find a suitable parking spot where you can safely leave your vehicle. This allows for easy access to the property while ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in the area.

If you inform us of your arrival time, we will arrange for someone to assist you with your belongings and guide you down to Cerrito Encantado.

By keeping these important details in mind, you can arrive at Cerrito Encantado with confidence, regardless of the type of vehicle you have. Enjoy your stay at this enchanting destination and embrace the tranquility and beauty that awaits you.

Where are you Traveling from or to?

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Time Zone is CST - one hour ahead of Altavista)

Guadalajara, Mexico (Time Zone is CST - one hour ahead of Altavista)

Tepic, Mexico (Time Zone is PST - same as Altavista)

Map of Altavista

The map of Altavista is a valuable tool for navigating and exploring this charming town nestled in Nayarit, Mexico. It provides a visual guide to the town's layout, showcasing key landmarks, attractions, and amenities, allowing visitors to easily navigate their way and discover all that Altavista has to offer.

Travel Safely

Wishing you safe travels to Cerrito Encantado. We can't wait to host you!