Our Dogs

Get ready to meet the protectors of Cerrito Encantado: Our dogs Facebook, WhatsApp, and Morena! Our four legged wonders are dedicated to keeping the property safe from any wild critters that dare to venture too close. They are well behaved and love showering humans with their friendliness. Most of the time they are exploring or sleeping. At times they may follow you around the property and even around town.

Where to give them a time out

If you'd prefer some alone time or want to keep them in check for whatever reason, the two brother dogs can be tied up near the carport. WhatsApp has a designated spot in the back left corner, and Facebook takes their place on the garage gate. Morena is a free spirit that generally keeps to herself, and therefore doesn't need to be tied up.

What not to do

We kindly request that you do not invite our four legged pals into the casitas or bedrooms under any circumstances. They have a knack for exploring the jungle on their own and might return with some unwelcome surprises in their fur. Also, please avoid using any kitchen bowls to give them water, as they have plenty of food and drink available throughout the property.

Giving them treats

If you're feeling generous and want to share your food, keep in mind that it's best to do so away from the outdoor tables. Do not feel obligated to do so, but if you do, please stick to meat or veggies only—no cheese or avocado for our furry friends. They're well versed in commands too! A finger pointing down with a firm "sientate" means "sit," while a gentle touch to the floor accompanied by "bajo" tells them to "lay down." If they try to sneak into your casita uninvited, a firm "afuera" will remind them of their boundaries.

When it's time for bed

For their safety, our staff will tie up the brothers around sunset and set them free in the morning. Sometimes, if the staff hasn't arrived by sunset, you might find these vigilant pups at your doorstep, barking a friendly reminder that it's time for bed. If you don't mind lending a helping hand, feel free to walk them back to their spots. They may take a brief detour to the neighbors or have a romp in the dirt, but they'll eventually find their way back if you're patient enough. Otherwise, we can take care of it.

Our dogs provide great company during your stay at Cerrito Encantado. We really feel these adorable canine companions are here to make your experience even more enchanting and ensure that you have a good time!